COVID-19 Update, Alert Level 2

Published Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Please find revised update and what is expected for all domestic travel, regardless of type:


  • Travel permits will no longer be required for all travel
  • Health Questionnaires is still a prerequisite
  • Temperature checks will still be conducted by Port Health for Passengers on entry
  • Family and friend will not be permitted access to the airport – only travellers and staff allowed in
  • Wearing of a Mask in airport and for travel is mandatory
  • Social distancing will still be required within airport terminals
  • Guests are encouraged to maintain general hand hygiene and sanitize frequently


Due to the extra regulatory and safety protocols required, we advise our Guests to plan for extra time for their flight journeys. Please arrive at least two-and-half hours prior to your flight as a contingency for any unforeseen delays.




These are extraordinary times requiring never-before-implemented extraordinary measures. We call on all South Africans to adhere to lockdown regulations, wear masks at all times, maintain good hygiene and social distancing, and more than ever before, continue to use all our digital platforms (Web, Mobi-App, email, etc.) including our call centre.


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