Elderly Guests

Making your journey better

Mango’s senior citizen campaign offers our elderly Guests the opportunity to save 10% off select Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday flights when booking through the call centre or via our website.

Mango requests that all our elderly Guests check in early as Mango endeavours to provide priority boarding. For the benefit of all Guests on board the aircraft, we do not seat elderly Guests in emergency rows if they are:

  • Older than 72 years.
  • In poor physical health.

Do you need assistance?

Mango considers elderly Guests medical cases if they are unable to walk and attend to their own needs. Guests who can only walk short distances are required to be pre-seated near a toilet.

For more information regarding special requests and medical bookings contact Mango on 086 10 10 214, alternatively download the Medical Request Form, complete it and fax it to 086 522 2951.

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